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The November upgrade is now complete. Thank-you for your patience!

Notice anything different? Not really? Well, this time around most of the upgrade happened to behind the scenes items so you probably won’t notice a huge difference. However, this is the first of THREE upgrades happening this academic year with the next one coming up during the Independent Study week next February. Those future upgrades will have more impact on what you see. Something to look forward to! Please keep an eye out for more information on the coming upgrades as we get closer to that time frame.

Have you seen the latest JUMP video? If not, check it out! If yes, well why not watch it again just for the entertainment value!

Don't know what JUMP is? Missed the first video? Check it out: JUMP Update Video #1.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact TWIT:


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Phone: 604-882-HELP (On campus ext. 3200)